Friday, December 11, 2009

hye there :)

Okay, where should I start? Ouh, people, actually this is me, nana or the actual one is Azreen Azyanny Syazana Aziz. Sure I guess some of you might know me well, right? haha. Okay, I'll stop babbling here.

Perhaps some of you feel a bit weird and suddenly keep pondering about it, sound peculiar, yeah I know. =) The thing is, Ann wants me to help her to create something in her blog, eventually I've done it. To Ann, I'm sorry if you might get offended or huffy with the things that you asked me to do, if you feel unsatisfied, you may change it if you want to :)

From this blog itself, we all knew that she's really in trouble, no! wait, I mean she's having woes. Probably I don't have to elaborate my points toward that. Me, as her best friend, (ann, ang anggap aku bf kan?hehe) would like to make a lust to her regarding about this.

Best wishes from me :

Do hope you will get your own life back.
Try to bother that stupid feeling that will probably make you feel morose,
face the fact dear, confront with it.
We all here for you, significantly ME,( hehe, prasan lah nana!)
good luck with your bakery thingy, I know that you can go further with that particular skills,
&& you're not klutz in the bakery either :)
Last but not least, live your life to the fullest.
Always feel content and finally happiness will be yours.


xoxoNANA :)

1 comment:

Ann said...

thnx sayang..
thnx 4 da post nieh..

hum..yup..aku angp ko best fwen aku lah syg..
n ko sllu de gan aku jugak ah..
dari dulu smpai skunk ah~

syg ko ah na..

p/s:aku da jadik macam cean yang dulu ah..juz stts aku jur yang bubah ah..ehehhe
single mingle jur..